A few original features remain which reveal the early days of this building as a cinema apart from it's domed ceiling & fantastic acoustics. The Castle Picture Theater opened on or just after 20th November 1913 and closed in 1921 and only ever screened silent movies. (1x Screen, 700 seats)

 A plaque commemorating the first public broadcast in Wales on 13 February 1923, from the radio station 5WA, an indirect ancestor of BBC Radio Wales. It broadcast from a tiny studio at the former Castle Picture Theatre. Since it's closure the building has been used for many purposes including a garage in 1930, a camping shop in the 80's, a warehouse (+more we don't know about...) later on it was briefly CFQ (Cardiff Fashion Quarter)

Now it's proudly The Castle Emporium  housing professional independent businesses since 2015!

EVICTED on the 29th of Oct 2021 due to early end of of lease. unrelated to the success of our businesses, a decition made by the owners regardless of our rent always paid on time and in full.

As sublets we were irelevant and invisible. The financial troubles that caused this were nothing to do with us but all to do with the mismanagment of our Landlords.

We were all given 30 days to find new premises, pack up and leave to allow the new tennant to move in. 

The building is planned to be changed into a micro brewery, cause that's what we need more of apparently.

We are very grateful for the time our businesses spend here, allowed to evolvbe and flurish, and are honoured to be part of this building's history.